Below is information on:

-Group Tours
-Private Consultations
-Holistic Orchard Management
-Garden Management

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In exchange for any of the below services, we’d appreciate a financial donation that fits your budget. We are a young, developing education center. We need community investment to continue growing. We have a “donate” section in our online store, and more details about giving are here.


On farm. We host classes at our farm, listed under Classes & Tours.

Off farm. We teach classes off-farm, as well. We can give powerpoint presentations, or develop hands-on classes at your site. Some class topics we have developed are listed in Classes & Tours, and others you must contact us to discover.

Contact us to brainstorm ideas.

Group Tours 

We are happy to host group tours on our farm during the growing season. We have beautiful gardens, polyculture beds, perennial beds, hugelkulture beds, chickens, ducks, goats, honeybees, an earth-bermed greenhouse, and more! See our Pictures page for an idea.  We can gear our talk to focus on plants, or living off the land in general, or growing annual vegetables, or using animals in the garden… and many more ideas! Whatever fits your interests.  Tours usually last 2 hours.

(Suggested donation: $25-$100)
Contact us to schedule a tour.


Private Consultations

John is for-hire to give one-on-one advice about your land.  He has consulted on orchards, annual vegetable farms, back-yard gardens, and full-farm-systems design.  He’ll even come over and identify all the plants on your land for you.  John can just give verbal advice, or he can follow-up with a full written plan and drawn design for your project.  He has accepted trade, money, and even IOUs in exchange for his service.

(Suggested donation: $15-25 per hour)
Click here to contact John


Holistic Orchard Management

John is for hire as a Holistic Orchard Manager.  Through periodic visits and applications of natural treatments (foliar sprays, tree paste, plant companions, etc), John is able to successfully turn an ailing orchard into a productive healthy ecosystem.  He’ll work with you to develop a plan for your particular situation, and the long-term health of your trees.

(Suggested donation: $15-25 per hour)
Click here to contact John

Garden Management

John is for hire as a Garden Manager for natural, holistic gardening methods. He has extensive experience managing gardens, volunteers, and teaching classes.  Most gardens grown under our management are not as labor-intensive as regular annual garden beds.  Once in place, our gardens don’t require too many visits, except during harvest season!

(Suggested donation: $15-25 per hour)
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