Join Us!

We are always looking for interns, teachers, and partners.  For teachers and partners we can share the resources our land and community networks provide.  For interns we have knowledge, skills, and quality farm products to offer.  In addition, many find it highly therapeutic and healing to work directly with nature – indeed it is for us!



We are always recruiting teachers who have earth skills or permaculture lessons to share.  Please contact us!

Labor for Food

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We are open to bartering and trading.  We will gladly accept a few hours of your  labor in exchange for our farm-fresh products.  Repeat laborers are even more welcome!

Internships & Apprenticeships

Ask us about short-term and long-term teaching arrangements.  We may be able to provide food, housing, medicine, and lessons on how to meet your basic needs from the land.  In exchange, we always need labor.

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Our dream is to be cooperatively owned and operated by farmers who share in our vision and mission.  What is a cooperative? Read Wikipedia's definitions.   What might it look like on our farm?  We aren't sure yet, as it all depends on the dreams and desires of those who might join us in creating the cooperative.  We are open to sharing ownership of land, as well as other arrangements.  If these ideas intrigue you, please contact us and develop a relationship to help us explore.

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Don't be shy, let us know.